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itsmandalee's Journal

Thoughts from that random 19 year old...

It's Manda Lee
18 May
Hi, I'm Manda. That 19 year old Canadian from Munchkin Land. [Or so, that's what people say do to my somewhat short stature.] [Frankly, I'm only 5'2" but in the realm of my 6'0" friends I suppose I am a midget after all.]

I'm loud mouthed, spontaneous, emotional and a writer. I have a wild, inconsistent imagination and can either be welcoming to inviting people into my little mind or be quite boxed in.

I'm vain at times, but am potentially one of the most selfless person you'll ever meet; everyone else's needs before my own.

This is my third LiveJournal account and hopefully my last. My first one I had for 6 years, my second one for a year and a bit.

I've got big dreams -- let's just see how it goes.